“I Feel For You” ft. Sarika Chopra

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“I Feel For You” ft. Sarika Chopra

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The New Jersey based indie rock acoustic artist Kevin Edward has been surging through the ranks as a break out artist. Overcoming the obstacles and hardships of addiction, Kevin has found an outlet through music which potentially saved his life. While writing hauntingly catchy riffs and melodies, we’re sure this is a premiere artist that will stick around on your Spotify playlist. “I Will Find You” is the new single that premiered on MTV and is making huge waves on the indie rock scene. It is featured on the live album “The Kev & Janis Show”

Making the move to a beautiful island called Boracay, Philippines, the new music videos become a must see for the beautiful atmosphere. Accompanied by Janos Svagrik and gaining new international appeal, there’s nothing stopping them from achieving their goals. Watch the process! 

Influences: Radiohead, Cursive, Dallas Green (City and Colour), Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, and more. 

-Andy Crinshaw

Cusp Magazine

The Video For I will Find You has been aired on MTV

and also DTong Online Podcast Radio station. DTongRadio.com

(Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/best-independent-music-on-dtongradio-powered-by-trainedtoogo/id393761183?i=1000419715376&mt=2)

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Essentially Pop

essentiallypop.com/epop/2019/02/kevin-edwards-broken-wings-is-a-catchy-track-with-a-cinematic-video/ Kevin Edward’s ‘Broken Wings’ is a beautiful track with an even lovelier music video filmed on the island of Boracay, in The Philippines. ‘Broken Wings’, which premiered on MTV and is making its presence felt in the indie rock scene, is from the New York Jersey based indie artist’s debut album, ‘I Will Find …

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“Kevin is also able to channel a more diverse experimental attitude, often reminiscent of artists the likes of Radiohead or Broken Social Scene, just to mention a few. “ Peter Vidani (Link: http://thebandcampdiaries.com/post/180408772377/kevin-edward-i-will-find-you-kevin-edward-is-a)


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